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This is a Mystery Page.  Our memories are not what they used to be and photos come in with not much information so any help you can offer would be appreciated. I will offer what help the sender gives me which may jog your memory. Thanks Ray Shakeshaft.

Two WRAF who worked in Officers' Mess 1955

? with Ration Wagon 1955

Another ? with Ration Wagon

MT driver 1955

WRAF 1955

MT Section (Skivving?) 1955

MT Flt Sgt?

Ann Morton ?

MT Mechanic 1955

Returning watch keepers from

Remote 7.

WRAF and E/Mech MT from B'ham

MT Fitter from Norfolk (see below R)

WRAF Nurse 1955




All the above were from around 1955

and we would appreciate any help.

Larger pictures available if it would help

Email me if required.

L. a driver from Hull.  and on R. MT Fitter from Norfolk